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Join me at my studio in Spratton for and afternoon of loveliness. Relax and enjoy learning the art of modern calligraphy in my 2 hour beginner class. There is no need to know anything prior to the class and everything you will need for the class will be provided for you and will be yours to take home after.(Please see below for details) We will touch on all the basics from exersizes right through the alphabet and learn how to join the letters together to create beautiful writing.


For me I find calligraphy is a type of meditation. A time to sit, relax and focus on a single thing. It's lovely. I know that after the past 12 months so many of us could do with some time away from the worries of the world and this is the perfect class to do it.  You do not need to have lovely handwriting to come along, the nib will help guide you into your own gorgeous style and by the end of the class you will be so delighted with what you have achieved.


The class will run from 7pm to 9pm at my studio in Spratton. Gift Vouchers are availble. Details for diretions will be sent after booking.


Your Calligraphy pack: Work sheets with tips and guides, plain calligraphy paper, Nib, ink and penholder.All for you to take home after the class


Tea, coffee and a light bite (cake or biscuits) available through out.


Cancelations will need to be made 1 week in advance

Calligraphy Workshop- April 20th 2023

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