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Wonderful, Wonderful Mother's Day

For many of us, this year we wont be able to see our mothers on mothering Sunday. For me this rings true every year. My mum is in Australia, I am in the UK. Oceans between us. Communication is something we always say how lucky we are to have. Facetime, social media and of course the post. I love getting post from my mum and I absolutely love sending it! (To be fair I love sending post to everyone).

The artist side of me loves to create, which is why I started Mollymook. Turning my artworks into small pieces of stationery was the added bonas. Stationery art has allowed me to invite everyone into my world and be able to send little pieces of art to friends and family. Especially, this year on mothers day.

So this year, no matter how you do it, send your mum or someone you love, something that has meaning, even if it's just a card or letter to say how much you love them.

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